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The Core Components of ExplodingBitcoins

The Creation of ExplodingBitcoins

Bitcoin and BlockChain Technologies almost instantly changed my life once I became involved in November 2009. I am almost obsessed with finding new, unique ways to introduce both technologies to new users and unlocking the unlimited resources that both have to wait for the world to discover. This is how ExplodingBitcoins was created. Before I get into the major areas how ExplodingBitcoins will help introduce the Future to Bitcoin, let me quickly explain how my early years involved in Bitcoin led me to the Creation of ExplodingBitcoins.

Moving Bitcoin into the Financial world was not by any means immediately upon my entry into Bitcoin in November 2009. However after pondering for about a year exactly the vision and creation of the “Genius” of our time who gave the world 2 technologies that will change the world as soon as we can help the world see its greatness. So, in November 2009, I finally made the best decision of my life, to make Bitcoin part of my life. Within 3 months Bitcoin and Blockchain were not “part” of my life but instead, they became my life. In becoming my life, it was not out of necessity but out of pure desire, excitement and the obsession to help everyone I could find their way to Bitcoin. All of which has not diminished in the slightest to this day. All the things I did in my beginning days of Bitcoin are still things I do to this day, just much more advanced.

The pure drive and belief in Bitcoin led me to see very early the unlimited opportunities Bitcoin alone would open up in the seriously outdated financial world we were subject to living in then and sadly so many are still stuck in today. My initial goal for ExplodingBitcoins was to help open the door for those interested in the idea but had no idea how to begin. Bitcoin is such an easy answer to the financial difficulties that face people as individuals, families, communities, cities, states and entire governments. Sadly the simple solutions it could offer is overlooked by control, greed, and power because the sick people who control the Standard Governmental Fiat Currency do not want to give up the free rides they have on everyone struggling below them. Bitcoin may be the shining star in the name of the Crypto World but I also know if Bitcoin would change this world, then Blockchain would have the capabilities to change the galaxy, figuratively speaking. The abilities and instant impact Blockchain would/will have on every aspect of living, truly speaking, will still be making the world better 500 years from now. With a dedicated attitude towards learning Blockchain Technology, people will have job security forever. Bitcoin is first in everyone's minds but let me be clear when I say Blockchain Technology absolutely is the essential technology to come from Satoshi. Yes, other Crypto Currencies have followed but people need to realize Blockchain Technology together with Crypto are just 1 aspect of the multi-million aspects Blockchain will improve or achieve perfection in the coming years.

ExplodingBitcoins.com is for the growth and development of Bitcoin. The site has every tool that developers, experienced users, brand new users, simple Crypto users, true believers in Bitcoin and users that want to help bring Bitcoin into the future. ExplodingBitcoins.com serves many very important goals so I will try to be brief and describe the core goals and mention a few main branches of the site. Then in the last section, I will mention a few of the vast many things that make ExplodingBitcoins different from the so-called projects seen over the last year.

1) To provide a USEFUL and HELPFUL safe haven for all users to learn from one another and collectively develop the future of Bitcoin using the vision flawlessly implemented once Someone went live on January 3rd, 2009. You should notice a theme sooner than later that shows where everything I put into ExplodingBitcoins came from. But to give a big hint, I set up the community standards as a P2P network of Helping, Learning, Supporting and Teaching from one another. Just like the final Whitepaper Satoshi released is labeled, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Hopefully, the theme of ExplodingBitcoins will be easier seen now.

2) The sites name is not by accident, so, it will be the hub for all Brand New users to correctly learn Bitcoin and Crypto in the manner they want to learn. The site will be used to Explode Bitcoins into the General Public, through self-interest and very exciting promotions. We will not force feed Crypto Currency to anyone, as that has hurt the Crypto user base by about 9% overall in the few miserably failed attempts.

3) Bitcoin has become so unfortunately difficult for new users to buy, and of course mining bitcoin with the time consumption alone pushes 73% of interested parties away from EVER becoming involved as well by giving people the impression “they missed out” on bitcoin. So, ExplodingBitcoins has always stayed true to beliefs I had very early on and will be selling Bitcoin through the site providing Instant tx's to everyone. Even if the buyer has never bought before, unlike the so many that I'll leave unnamed. Through ExplodingBitcoins, we will accept the simplest forms of payment not to mention virtually almost all forms of payment will be accepted. Some may say this sounds too good to be true but I have been selling bitcoin the same way since 2011. The main point to take from the selling of Bitcoin and many other Cryptocurrencies is there will only be a limited number of providers available. Each provider will be fully registered and their history of selling will be extensively looked into before they are allowed to buy or sell to the users.

4) Anyone with common sense knows what has caused the huge demise in Crypto was the GREEDY, SELFISH People with an IQ of 12. By that, I mean everyone that has financially taken advantage of another person through con's and deceiving others or simply put scammers. So over the years of seeing negative things happen to good people, I have developed the first system of its kind to eliminate these terrible people from Bitcoin for good. This whole project has been in development for a couple years and this single part is the most exciting. These mindless people have caused 81% of the general public worldwide to say they will never get involved with Crypto. This is absolutely unacceptable and has caused each and every one of us honest Crypto users quite a bit, not just speaking financially. So this core goal is very important and with the elaborate system I've created, anyone who wants to be involved in the elimination of this epidemic FINALLY from Bitcoin and Crypto just has to be involved in ExplodingBitcoins.com. Briefly, as it's somewhat elaborate, but it's is very similar to how an interdisciplinary team of different departments of a normal company would work and communicate and that's where any aspect of "normal company operation" comes into play. It is designed exactly as Bitcoin was designed, decentralized, borderless and controlled by the users. However, all reporting will and must go through ExplodingBitcoins but that is purely for the entry of the offenders into the database and then into the Blockchain. I have it set up with a very large number of Crypto Providers and Exchanges during the creation of this side project and now it is part of the main project. Standard Financial institutions wanted to become involved in this as well. I decided that I absolutely will not allow a centralized institution to get their hands on something for “Us”. However, I just thought I would bring the last sentence upon how desirable this extremely secretive implementation of my Crypto Cyber Security Protocol I’ve created got. That was a very vague description however upon release of the project exact details will be available.

5) The Site will be everyones. By that I mean every person will have a homepage for themselves for the Crypto Social Network area, Subdomains can be requested, a fully encrypted email will be available to those who may want an @explodingbitcoins.com email address. The Counterparty wallet system will be fully integrated however each individual will have 100% complete control of their private keys. For everyone's protection, the Private Keys or Counterparty's BIP039 passphrases will never cross over to the server side, all passwords will be securely stored and salted safely on the enterprise server and two dedicated Backup Raid-12 servers, DDoS protection from Cloudflare, Clam AV and a Fully Validated Multi-Site EV SSL that includes the Highest Warranty Available will replace the SSL that has covered the site during the long completion. Most all sites that people frequent, the owner/admin have complete access to your passwords, hence why you should not use the same password more than one time. This will be of no concern for anyone on ExplodingBitcoins.com since each password made per user will be encrypted into a hash turning it into a non-human readable format blob. Lastly, on the subject of passwords, I have set the minimum password requirements to Double that of the other 99.99% sites online today. I have programmed in a phenomenal development area, loaded with private or group encrypted chat, if a face to face is required everyone will have 4 different integrated systems to use free of charge. The Development area was very important for the site, as I said: "to develop the future of Bitcoin". However, many brand new users have no need for programming BUT many have fabulous ideas and no one to help them or they do not know what to do with their idea. Everyone that is a developer will be able to work with users that have these great ideas and develop anything imaginable. Plus since the site belongs to everyone, whatever is developed and has a monetary gain developing an idea for someone is 90% yours and the person who brought the idea forward. The remaining 10% goes directly to every holder of XPLDNBTC, split up by the percentage of the amount held by each person. This is the Profit Sharing portion of ExplodingBitcoins and XPLDNBTC. So, nothing will come back to myself or to the site from any creation that comes out of ExplodingBitcoins. More on that after this next part.

Think of everyone you know that has seen a Program and said, “I thought of that 10 years ago but didn’t know how to create it”. All of us know plenty of people that have said that. If just 1/10 of them were telling the truth, think of years that will no longer be wasted by the world waiting for the next Satoshi to have another life world-changing idea. 2 heads are better than 1, 4 heads better than 2, BUT I think us developers have not put much thought into the billions of people lacking programming skills and their intelligence in areas that we never look for help. This part of the project I think will be Awesome for the Community and the world as well.

Quickly let me explain XPLDNBTC. There are ONLY 925,000 total XPLDNBTC coins. I locked them against later creation, unlike the tokens that have been pouring out of somewhere that the first three letters are ETH. So, once the complete 925,000 XPLDNBTC are sold out to the community and the public there will be no possible way to create more and there is no possibility of someone else making a fake version like happens with those ERC tokens from Ethereum. Now to the main reason, I wanted to bring up XPLDNBTC is because at the end of section 5's first paragraph I made one brief comment about the Profit Sharing Program. So, Everything created from the Development area and sold for a profit, as I explained above, is part of the 90/10% Profit Sharing Program. Keep in mind Bitcoin development can never be sold due to the nature of open source. However, there are many other projects and planned events that will contribute to the healthy growth of the Profit Sharing Program. The very First one starts as soon as the site is released as that is when the XPLDNBTC will be available. Each day's coins that are sold for the very first time will be totaled up at 12:00 am est and 10% of the total 24 hour daily sales will go to the current holders of XPLDNBTC, excluding the main/only XPLDNBTC address. Payout to each holder is based on the percentage held per address and will by default be sent their share of the 10% in Bitcoin. Since Counterparty has this setup so eloquently already, Bitcoin will be the default payment and XCP will be the second choice for payment in the Profit Sharing Program. This is specifically designed to generate a very large amount of XPLDNBTC Holders. The reason for this is simple and will be inside the Forum for the members to read. So, please read the forum when I open the doors for you and remember ExplodingBitcoins will never be grouped in with the massive numbers of fiat driven exploits that have taken Crypto Currency back into the darkness again. Lastly, I want to see ExplodingBitcoins grow alongside Bitcoin by helping Bitcoin and see everyone helping the community so each person feels they made a big difference.

6) Some of this will be repeated but in this category, I will mention specific branches setup within ExplodingBitcoins.com. I am sorry to say this but ExplodingBitcoins will finally help people get away from the sadness and sickness that has become of the original Bitcoin forum. This is sad since it was created by Satoshi and originally had the best of the best in Crypto creating important threads. However, presently it is absolutely full of scammers and it is not at all friendly to anyone new. Plus if you need to get in touch with Theymos for support or even most of the moderators under Theymos, I hope you either have nothing you expect an answer from because support has become nonexistent there. Simply put, the Forum on ExplodingBitcoins will be 100% user-friendly no matter your experience. The Development center is out of this world. It is fully stocked with everything an expert developer may need plus so much more to provide all levels of developers easier project creation and management. The site will provide a complete dedicated Crypto Social Network that has been needed for many years. I detailed some tiny aspects of it earlier but keeping this brief I will not go into full details now. Users will find a learning center unmatched anywhere online dedicated to Crypto. Conference and seminar centers are set up for learning, development or really anything anyone may need to talk with others about. Video chat for private groups, one on one chat and open chat is available to all. An open chat room is available providing it does not turn into a typical trollbox. Individual chat rooms can instantly be opened for private chats without video. Users buying, selling or trading Crypto will have dedicated channels to talk with the opposite party, since none of those services will be automated. There is a separate exchange as well, from the buying center, that will run like all exchanges do. I do not mean to downplay the exchange I created but it is as Professional as it gets. The Exchange has 7 layers of security and it's then wrapped in the hardened security layers setup from ExplodingBitcoins. If that wasn't already 100 times more secure than the best exchanges online today, there was one more thing I added. Even though you are a member of ExplodingBitcoins you must register separately using the same information you registered with the main site but must set up 2 unique passwords for the exchange  The exchange will not include a chatbox for obvious reasons. The main user areas will run ad-free. The decision on completely no ads anywhere has yet to be decided but is being closely looked at. Login and site registration will be very simple and users do not need to KYC to register, once inside the open site there will be further details on that subject. A password generator will be available strictly on the client side only and 2fa will be available plus highly encouraged. For new users, all the products needed for Bitcoin and Crypto will be easily available. Games will be available on site or can be accessed from the site. Spells of Genesis will be on site. A 24-hour 7-day support center will be available to all. Again, this is just a brief list of all the things you will see but there is much more included within the site. Actually, some of the best things you will find are not mentioned but I expect many users will show favoritism towards some of the unlisted items. One thing I would like to add to this brief list is user implementation of things to add to the site will always be accepted, that is if something can be found to be missing, or improvements to existing modules in use.

7) This is a short list of the things you will not find on ExplodingBitcoins.com. ICO's are not allowed on the site. ICO's are the single worse thing to happen to Crypto since the 2014 Mtgox, and I will end that there. Users will not have access to open more than one account, this will be extremely strictly enforced. Degrading behavior towards others will be strictly enforced. Scammers and scam traps will have no place to find welcome. This is covered by the Crypto Cyber Security Protocol. With the CCSP any person or entity that is guilty of dishonest behavior by causing Finacial loss to another or others will find a 3-year ban from buying, selling or trading any Crypto from any licensed Crypto company and ExplodingBitcoins. The two penalties mentioned are dependant on the amount of loss they caused. If a scammer gets a 3 year Ban and after 3 years does the same it then automatically turns into a Lifetime Ban. Again all the details will be inside the site upon release. But just one last comment on that, I have heard 100% trustworthy people ask how could I possibly create that and make it work since the scammers will not reveal their names. The answer is they don't have to reveal their names since all exchanges and licensed buying hubs must require KYC, then I FINALLY tip my hat to the governments. However, once again there is a lot more to that Protocol.  Also, I can not say users will never find a scammer on the site but if they do anything negative they will be banned everywhere. That is a fact. Beggars will not be allowed on site. Loaning and lending will not be allowed on site. Spamming, phishing or impersonating will not be tolerated. For the full list of "Do's and Do Not's", please take the time and read the Terms of Service along with the Policies on ExplodingBitcoins.com as soon as it opens very very soon. I apologize for the length of this but be sure to join us on site and you will probably wonder why it wasn't longer. Thank you